All the activities of Camping Les Vallons de l'Océan
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Young and old alike can enjoy many activities at Les Vallons de l'Océan campsite. Kids and teenagers clubs, mini-golf, animations ... Activities for the whole family and for all the desires !


[nd_options_magic_popup nd_options_layout="layout-5″ nd_options_bg_icon="#ffd100″ nd_options_label_color="#ffd100″ nd_options_bg_link="#6ab1bf " nd_options_image="3079″ nd_options_title="CHILDREN & TEEN CLUBS " nd_options_subtitle= "Monday through Friday in July and August " nd_options_label_text= "FREE " nd_options_description= "The kids' island is a paradise for 4-10 years old. At the kids' club, the little ones will make new friends while the parents will entrust them in complete serenity." nd_options_link="|title:D%C3%A9discover%20||" nd_options_icon="3536″ nd_options_class="activites-link"]

[nd_options_magic_popup nd_options_layout="layout-5″ nd_options_bg_icon="#ffd100″ nd_options_label_color="#ffd100″ nd_options_bg_link="#6ab1bf " nd_options_image="3086″ nd_options_title="SPORTS ACTIVITIES" nd_options_subtitle="In July and August" nd_options_description="Climbing wall, sweepstakes, Kohlympiades, laser game... come and have fun and try new activities with family or friends. " nd_options_link="|title:d%C3%A9discover||" nd_options_label_text="FREE" nd_options_icon="3536″ nd_options_class="activities-link"]
[nd_options_magic_popup nd_options_layout="layout-5″ nd_options_bg_icon= " " nd_options_label_color= " " nd_options_bg_link= " " nd_options_image="3078″ nd_options_title="MULTISPORTS FIELD" nd_options_description="You'll play sports tournaments there. Basketball, soccer, volleyball .... The multi-sports field is the nerve center of sports activities! It is above all a place to meet and exchange ideas." nd_options_subtitle="Open every day"]
[nd_options_magic_popup nd_options_layout="layout-5″ nd_options_bg_icon= " " nd_options_label_color="#ffd100″ nd_options_link_type="nd_options_mpopup_gallery " nd_options_bg_link= " " nd_options_image="3926″ nd_options_title="FISHING POND" nd_options_subtitle="Carp, roach, tench .... " nd_options_description= "Enjoy our private pond to delight fishing enthusiasts and walkers. Enjoy a natural and soothing setting just a few meters from the campsite... " nd_options_link="|title:D%C3%89COUVRIR|| " nd_options_label_text="PRIVATE "]
[nd_options_magic_popup nd_options_layout="layout-5″ nd_options_bg_icon= " " nd_options_label_color= " " nd_options_link_type= "nd_options_mpopup_gallery " nd_options_bg_link= " " nd_options_image= "3082″ nd_options_title= "PLAY AREA" nd_options_subtitle="Two children's play areas" nd_options_description="Children will be able to have fun safely in the play tower and its slide, the swing and other games on springs (2 playgrounds). " nd_options_link="url:%23||"]

[nd_options_magic_popup nd_options_layout="layout-5″ nd_options_bg_icon="#ffd100″ nd_options_label_color="#ffd100″ nd_options_bg_link="#6ab1bf " nd_options_image="2518″ nd_options_title="MINI GOLF " nd_options_subtitle="Mini-Golf 18 holes " nd_options_label_text="FREE " nd_options_description="Our mini-golf course has 18 lanes where you can discover a variety of courses and obstacles representing the region's must-sees. Contact the campground reception desk." nd_options_link="|title:D%C3%A9discover||" nd_options_icon="3536″ nd_options_class="activites-link"]

[nd_options_magic_popup nd_options_layout="layout-5″ nd_options_bg_icon="#ffd100″ nd_options_label_color="#ffd100″ nd_options_bg_link="#6ab1bf" nd_options_icon="3536″ nd_options_title="EVENING ANIMATIONS" nd_options_label_text="FREE" nd_options_description="All summer long, discover our animations all day long. Sports awakening, tournaments, hypnosis show, magic show, dance parties, themed meals, bingo, karaoke.... " nd_options_link="|title:d%C3%A9discover||" nd_options_subtitle="In July and August" nd_options_image="3085″ nd_options_class="activites-link"]
[nd_options_magic_popup nd_options_layout="layout-5″ nd_options_bg_icon= " " nd_options_label_color= " " nd_options_bg_link= " " nd_options_image="3077″ nd_options_title="HALF-COURTS TENNIS" nd_options_description="Enjoy our 2 tennis halfcourts for free. The halfcourt is a court whose dimensions are 12.62m long and 6.4m wide. Tennis rackets and balls for rent: 2 €. " nd_options_class="magic-dark " nd_options_link="|||"]
[nd_options_magic_popup nd_options_layout="layout-5″ nd_options_bg_icon="#ffd100″ nd_options_label_color="#ffd100″ nd_options_link_type="nd_options_mpopup_gallery" nd_options_bg_link="" nd_options_image= "3927″ nd_options_title="AQUAGYM" nd_options_subtitle="Every Tuesday and Thursday in July and August" nd_options_description="The campsite pool, is also the place to be for aquagym enthusiasts who meet with their dedicated instructor twice a week. Keep fit by enjoying the benefits of a gentle sport!" nd_options_link="|title:D%C3%89COUVRIR|| " nd_options_label_text="FREE" nd_options_icon="3536″]
[nd_options_magic_popup nd_options_layout="layout-5″ nd_options_bg_icon= " " nd_options_label_color= " " nd_options_link_type="nd_options_mpopup_gallery " nd_options_bg_link= " " nd_options_image="3080″ nd_options_title="PÉTANQUE" nd_options_subtitle="Bocce tournaments in July and August " nd_options_description= "Petanque courts are available for vacationers to practice the art of shooting or pointing before the petanque tournaments held at Les Vallons de l'Océan Campground in July and August. " nd_options_link="|||"]

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