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What to do in Guérande ?

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City of art and history, Guérande is a very popular destination not to be missed in Loire Atlantique. Between salt marshes and ocean, only 35 minutes from our campsite in La Plaine sur Mer near Pornic, you will find a unique medieval city with many facets.

Stroll through the medieval city

The medieval city of Guérande is one of the best preserved in France thanks to its still intact ramparts dating from the 14th century. Built at the time of the Dukes of Brittany, the medieval city of Guérande is an essential site to visit during a stay in Loire-Atlantique.

How to get to the Porte Saint-Michel

The Porte Saint-Michel is the emblematic building of the city which was once a fortified gateway to protect access to the city. The site of the ramparts of Guérande and the Saint-Michel Gate offers you to visit a part of the catering walkway, indeed an official museum is today in these places.

You can also relive the history of the city by walking through the medieval rooms, visiting the temporary exhibition and many workshops and guided tours are also organized to learn more about the secrets of the enclosure.

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Guerande terre de sel

Discover the Saint-Aubin collegiate church

Located in the heart of the medieval city, the Saint-Aubin collegiate church was classified as a historical monument in 1853. This church is a construction of Breton flamboyant Gothic style built in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and which was then embellished in the nineteenth century. It imposes itself by its mass and its elevation.

Explore the salt marshes

The salt marshes mark the landscape of Guérande and constitute the land of salt of the same name. It is an immense space of more than 50 km², in close contact with the Atlantic Ocean, which forms a grandiose landscape shaped by the hand of man for centuries. Labeled “Remarkable Site of Taste”, the 2000 hectares of marshes are fed by the traicts of Le Croisic and Mesquer.

Visit Terre de sel

Located only 5 minutes from the medieval city of Guérande, Terre de sel welcomes you every day in the heart of the salt marshes of Guérande. During a guided tour, you will discover the mysteries of salt on their place of production, but also the ancestral profession of salt worker or all the ecological wealth of the salt marshes. After this visit, the exploitation of salt will have no more secrets for you!

Discover the Maison des Paludiers

The “Maison des Paludiers” is an eco-museum that allows you to discover all the secrets of salt, whether it is about its manufacture or its different properties. The Maison des Paludiers offers 2 options to discover the secrets of Guérande Salt, either via a visit to a salt factory or via a visit to the Ecomuseum and thus learn more about this white gold. A must if you stay in a campsite in Guérande or its surroundings!

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