Planete Sauvage : Infos, visit and prices of the zoo of Nantes, Loire Atlantique
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Planète Sauvage, a unique safari park in France

A zoological park with an innovative and unique concept in France, the Planète Sauvage zoo offers you an immersion visit on foot and by car through 5 universes: the safari trail, the marine city, the bush path, the Inca trail and the jungle temple. The site thus invites you to a world tour of wildlife, which passes through different and exotic environments: South America, Asia, Africa and oceans, set off on a unique family trip! The Safari trail can be discovered by car: aboard an all-terrain vehicle or your own car, you will cross several hectares of plains as close as possible to wildlife from several continents. It is the largest safari in France with its 10 km of track. A break in a mini-farm allows you to get out of your vehicle halfway through. The marine city offers you dolphin shows as well as an immersion in an underwater gallery. Another innovative concept, the jungle temple offers you to cross the forest of macaques on a suspended monkey bridge, for an unforgettable adventurous experience! At the very top of the temple tower, 12 meters high, you will enjoy a breathtaking canopy landscape.

Visit a zoo in the wilderness

Planète Sauvage offers you to meet species from all over the world in an original and very immersive way. The natural environments of the animals are faithfully reconstructed, so that you can observe them, live and evolve as in nature. The safari trail leads you to meet 800 animals, including giraffes, rhinos, ostriches, tigers, bears, zebras, African elephants, kangaroos, hippos and camels. The pedestrian part crosses several universes dedicated to different environments and destinations. The bush path will make you meet meerkats, maki catta and African marabouts. On the Inca Trail, you will meet alpacas, tapirs, colourful macaws and saimiris. At the jungle temple, you will walk surrounded by macaques, pelicans, otters and Vietnamese pigs. In the marine city, bottlenose dolphins are finally in the spotlight. You will discover through a commented representation their life habits, their physical characteristics and their diet.

Rates and schedules

The Planète Sauvage zoo is open every day from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm from mid-July to the end of August. The gates open at 10.00 am at the beginning of July as well as on weekends in May, June and September. During the week, except July-August, the park closes at 6 pm. The one-day ticket gives you free access to the park's 5 universes, at the price of 26.50 euros for an adult and 21 euros for a child. Numerous options are available at an additional cost to make your day more enjoyable: the bush truck raid option with a two-hour guided tour on the safari trail costs 7.50 euros for children and 10.50 euros for adults. The session of privileged meeting with dolphins is proposed at the single rate of 12 euros. The VIP Safari day, which includes 3 hours of guided tour of the safari track in a Land Rover and privileged places in the marine city, costs 89 euros, lunch and entrance to the park included. Entrance to Planète Sauvage as well as the options are free for children under 3 years old. Complementary activities are organised by the park for animal lovers: the morning junior trainer is 70 euros; the whole day "trainer for a day" is 105 euros, with elephant or giraffe circuit at your choice.

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